Our Promise


“We promise to be there when we say we will”

Lee – SmartaClean

We know that there are a lot of other businesses out there wanting to take your custom from us. And so we know we cannot ever become complacent, we use the latest software and management techniques to ensure we always have the staff available to deliver your service and we never bite off more than we can chew.


“We promise we will always clean to the same high standards, from the first clean to the very last clean (should that day ever come)”

Lee – SmartaClean

A business cannot survive without a quality service or product. When we come to your business to clean we come to achieve the highest standards, We want you to be so happy with the job we are doing you want to use us for every service we provide, thus helping our business grow. We do this by having a company culture that everyone adheres to.  And we actively recruit and manage the best cleaners available and provide them with a great place to work and reward them for a great doing a great job.


“We promise to charge a fair price for a job well done”

Lee – SmartaClean

“A fair price” How do you decide if something is fair? At smartaClean we listen to the service you want, then we judge how long that will take us to do and we charge according to the costs involved (travel, cleaners wages, supplies etc) and then we add the amount of profit we think we would like to make. Too much profit and no one wants to use our service, too little and the job isn’t worth doing from a business point of view. There really isn’t much choice in whats charged. Any reasonable cleaning service will be around the same kind of price, its the service that sets us apart.

We can’t think of a single reason someone looking to have their business premises cleaned wouldn’t want to use us? but if you can we would love to hear it! As we want to be the best and are always looking to improve, so if there is something you want that we aren’t providing, simply let us know and we will do our best to accommodate – info@smartaclean.co.uk

However, if you are ready for a cleaning service that actually delivers on its promises call today to arrange a free, no obligation quote – 01332 416 496.