Domestic Gutter Cleaning

Domestic Gutter Cleaning

One of the main causes of damp in a property is blocked guttering. Regular cleaning once a year will help prevent the build-up of moss, leaves and other debris.

SmartaClean use powerful gutter cleaning vacuums to remove the build up of debris from your gutters and downpipes ensuring the water will go to the drains and not into your home. By using a vacuum, we can reach up to 4 storeys from the ground and can also reach areas that you wouldn’t be able to by using a ladder (over conservatories etc).

Using a ladder and clearing out the debris by hand can be very messy! Using our vacuum system is much tidier as the debris is sucked from the gutter and downpipe, through the gutter vacuum pole and into the vacuum container.

We then bag up the mess and put it in your black bin, put it straight into your brown bin or compost heap or if neither of these are available we can arrange to have the mess taken away.


  • No damp from blocked gutters
  • Improve the look of your home, no growth from your gutters and downpipes
  • We can reach up to 40 feet including above conservatories
  • No mess
  • We can bring our own generators to provide power
  • Competetive prices