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SmartaClean are proud to offer our services to both domestic and commercial cutomers across Derby and beyond.

Better Standards

We genuinely care about the quality of service we deliver to every one of our customers. That’s why we guarantee the quality of the service you will receive by offering our free re-clean service. If we deliver any service to any customer and they aren’t 100% happy, we will come back perform the clean again.


Reliability Guaranteed

We guarantee to never miss a clean.
What good is it to have the best clean available if you aren’t going to show up? We win so much work from unreliable companies and we aim to be the most reliable cleaning service there is.

Fair pricing

When it comes to pricing, we make sure we are competitive by checking what our competitors are charging, then we take into account our experience, expertise, quality and costs.

We want to charge enough so we have the time and resources to deliver the service our customers want at a price they love.