Why choose us?

Why Choose SmartaClean ?

At SmartaClean we are well aware you have plenty of cleaning service providers to choose from. We realised a long time ago that commercial cleaning is straight forward. It is all about standards. Cleaning is not difficult, but maintaining standards across dozens of cleaners and sites can be. Getting to somewhere on time is not difficult, but getting to multiple appointments across the city on a daily basis can be.

So we put our time and energy into managing these potential issues. We believe it is that management that sets us apart from the crowd.


  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Price

By focusing on these three areas, we know we can deliver an unbeatable clean at a fair price and the reason our customers stick with us year after year is that we deliver on our promise. And we treat every customer the same, regardless of size or the amount they are spending with us.

We believe we are among the best cleaning businesses in not only Derby, but the world. Call us today to arrange a site visit and quote.