Why choose us?

Why Choose SmartaClean ?

At SmartaClean, we take a straightforward, common sense approach to business and cleaning, we asked ourselves….

“What do other businesses want from a cleaning company”

And the answer was…. To be reliable, to provide a consistently high quality of service and to be charge a fair price. So that’s what we focus on, no matter what size business we deal with, from a once a week clean of a small office, to every day cleans of multi site offices, schools and hospitals. We always deliver on these three points.

“What if you don’t”…We hear you ask?

We are extremely confident we will always deliver on these three points, but should the day come that we don’t, you don’t need to worry.

If you decide that we aren’t reliable enough (not that it will ever happen!) you can simply ask us to leave, as we don’t tie you into contracts there will be no need to keep paying us to do a job you aren’t happy with.

If you don’t feel that the standards are high enough, or on a particular day we aren’t up to scratch, we will come back and put it right for free.

The price will always be agreed before work commences and will never be raised without clear reason and notice, we take raising prices very seriously and never do it unless there is genuine reason to do so.

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