Payment options

Business users – Typically we invoice after completion of the job if it is a one off clean or on the 1st of the month for the previous months clean if billing for a regular services.

Domestic customers – We take payment in a number of ways.

Cash or cheque – On or before the date of the clean, some customers like to pay for regular services such as window cleaning in advance as they might not be in when we call, others like to pay upon completion of the work. For larger jobs we typically take payment upon completion.

Direct debit / online payments – We started off by taking payments Via direct debit, this is where we would provide the service and the customer would need to go onto their online banking to transfer the money into our bank account. The problem with this is it means often waiting for customers to remember to pay (which doesn’t always happen) and then manually checking through our banking history for payments and hoping customers used correct references etc. This was not the best way to do things…

So now we use GO CARDLESS a system that allows us to request payment directly from our customers after each clean.

How does it work? –

step 1) You follow the link by clicking HERE and sign up for a GO CARDLESS account, if you have followed the link on our site you will automatically appear as a customer on our system allowing us to request payment once we have been to provide a service.

Step 2) You will receieve an e mail confirming you are set up for us to request payments

Step 3) wait for us to complete a clean, we will still advise you before the clean and leave a note as normal but rather than you having to remember to transfer the money you will recieve an e mail saying we have requested payment, it takes a few days from the request for money to leave your account so plenty of time to take action if their is a problem and you also have the option of cancelling the payment right then so you are always in control.

In this e mail you will be advised the date of the clean the service provided the amount we are requesting and the date the amount will leave your account, you are always in control and we cannot access your money or account without you knowing and being able to take action. This service is completely safe and is used by TheGuradian, Greater Anglian Railways and many others. You are completed protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding how we take payment.

The Smartaclean team.